We are proud of our customers

From family farms to commercial farms, we supply them all – anywhere in the world. For ten thousands of farmers Big Dutchman is THE supplier for poultry equipment of any kind. And it makes no difference whether the farm is raising ten thousand, twenty thousand, two hundred thousand or two million birds.

To us it is quality that matters, not only quantity. We always have a workable solution for any possible problem. And many of these have been successfully installed already.

Here you will find some concrete examples:

Big Dutchman provides equipment for two broiler breeder houses in Belgium

Well-proven feed pan “Male Pan” wears down the beak naturally


One building, two barns, 27,000 broilers

Iceland: New poultry house for broiler production


FlexVey PUR, Relax, Zeus and other innovations: A parade of products in Lingen

Poultry house with the newest equipment for broiler breeder management inaugurated


Innovative FlexVey PUR supplies poultry feeding system

German national goalkeeper inaugurates two houses for broiler production


Open house: Poultry housing systems and feeding systems for 10,000 turkeys

Two new houses for turkey production draw immense interest


Two poultry houses for 40,000 broiler breeders commissioned

Breeder management with efficient manure pit ventilation