Broiler production

Poultry growing: Fluxx 330 & 360 feed pans for successful broiler feeding

Fluxx 330 & 360 feed pans

Both suitable for broiler rearing and growing, the Fluxx feed pans satisfy the needs of day-old chicks as well as those of heavy broilers in the final growing phase. Different variants of Fluxx are available to provide an optimal feed pan for every broiler producer worldwide – poultry equpiment for professionals!

Vista 360 feed pan

Suitable for successful broiler production, from the day-old chick to the ready-for-slaughter broiler. Vista 360 makes accessing feed extremely easy for the birds – at any age! Other highlights include the flooding mechanism and six separate sections dividing the pan.

Poultry growing: Augermatic with Big Pan 330 or Big Pan Plus

Augermatic feeding system

Our effective poultry feeding system for modern broiler growing. Big Pan 330 is the proven feed pan for the so-called ad libitum feeding and Big Pan Plus is ideally suited for controlled feeding of broilers.

Avimax transit poultry housing system for poultry growing

AviMax transit broiler cage

The multi-tier system for hygienic, efficient and successful broiler growing. Big Dutchman’s innovative pivoting floor optimizes housing conditions during the growing phase and permits easy moving-out of the ready-to-slaughter broilers. The automatic bird transport by means of manure belts and the lift cross conveyor reduce working time and costs as well.

Poultry growing: poultry housing system AviMax sliding for broiler

AviMax sliding broiler cage

The multi-tier broiler battery for hygienic and efficient broiler growing, and for easy and flexible moving-out of the broilers.

Breeder management with EMPA 4

EMPA 4 self-feeder

The self-feeder for broiler breeder males and finishing poultry is particularly suitable for supplying feed to males in broiler breeder management. It is also possible to feed pullets, layers and turkeys from this pan.

Automatic chain feeding

This reliable feeding system has proved itself a million times over. It can be used for any type of poultry production and feeds pullets, layers and breeders alike. With its unique high quality and functionality, the Big Dutchman chain feeder is the world's leading feeding system.

Drinking systems for poultry production

Drinking systems

Find here a summary of our nipple drinkers and round drinkers for rearing and heavier poultry to always have fresh and clean drinking water at the birds’ disposal. The respective accessories such as e.g. cable winches or water connection units are also part of the virtually complete product range.

Vento climate computer

Vento climate computer

This easy-to-use computer ensures ideal climate conditions in your poultry house. The computer is well-structured and very user-friendly. It is also incredibly simple to install and to put into operation. Fresh air and exhaust air, heating and cooling are controlled reliably.


ViperTouch climate and production computer

The flexible climate and production computer for all types of poultry production. The computer allows for an optimal poultry climate control and is not only characterised by its simple operation via touchscreen, it is also unsurpassed in terms of comfort, speed and performance. In combination with the PC program BigFarmNet Manager all climate and poultry production data can easily be analysed.

Silos, spirals and augers

Silos, spirals and augers

Choose from a wide range of silos made of galvanized sheet steel, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Trevira fabric to store and transport feed. Feed can be transported to feeding systems by augers or spirals without any loss of quality, but depending on the conveying capacity and pitches. Equipment for reliable egg production and pig production!

Poultry equipment for African markets

Poultry equipment for African markets

Our poultry equipment on offer can be tailored to the specific needs of the various African countries. The scope of services ranges from installations for smallholdings to large, fully integrated operations. To get an overview of our comprehensive portfolio please check here!