Poultry house management

235pro for poultry climate control in smaller houses

235pro climate computer

This user-friendly climate computer is a must for a reliable poultry climate control in poultry growing and egg production. The temperature-controlled emergency opening is a fail-safe system and ensures that the birds survive in case of power failure or technical breakdowns.

amacs broiler for poultry growing and breeder management

Poultry house management with amacs (poultry growing, breeder management)

The user-friendly Agro Management and Control System for modern broiler finishing and breeder management allows the constant collection of data and real-time monitoring and control of all processes in the house from virtually any location in the world via internet, smartphone or tablet PC. State-of-the-art control of poultry housing systems, feeding equipment and house climate for poultry growing and breeder management!

Vento climate computer

Vento climate computer

This easy-to-use computer ensures ideal climate conditions in your poultry house. The computer is well-structured and very user-friendly. It is also incredibly simple to install and to put into operation. Fresh air and exhaust air, heating and cooling are controlled reliably.


ViperTouch climate and production computer

The flexible climate and production computer for all types of poultry production. The computer allows for an optimal poultry climate control and is not only characterised by its simple operation via touchscreen, it is also unsurpassed in terms of comfort, speed and performance. In combination with the PC program BigFarmNet Manager all climate and poultry production data can easily be analysed.

Alarm Systems

Modern poultry houses are equipped with an increasing number of technical management aids. Automation processes for feed and water supply as well as climate control increase every day. Installing technical devices for monitoring and notification purposes is therefore an absolute necessity. Farm managers can react instantly in case of problems and are thus able to prevent damage in a reliable manner.