We are proud of our customers

From family farms to commercial farms, we supply them all – anywhere in the world. For thousands of farmers, Big Dutchman is THE supplier of pig equipment of any kind. And it makes no difference whether the farm is raising one thousand, ten thousand or twenty thousand animals.

To us it is quality that matters, not only quantity. We always have a workable solution for any possible problem. And many of these have been successfully installed already. 

Here you will find some concrete examples:

Pig equipment and feeding systems from Vechta at the "End of the Earth"

France: DryExactpro dry feeding system for 1,600 weaners


Börde Porc: a functional sow management and production system

Electronic sow feeding system "Call-Inn pro" for healthy and happy sows


Big Dutchman's HydroMix and HydroAir for successful pig production

Prospering pig farmer in Catalonia very happy with liquid feeding system


"Beautiful Pig": South American entrepreneur renovates pig complex in Moldova

Modern sow management with Big Dutchman pig equipment and pig feeding systems


Sensor-controlled dry feeding system, animal-friendly pens, optimum pig climate control

New house with pig equipment for piglet rearing inaugurated