Piglet equipment

Pig equipment: floor systems for pig production

Floor systems

In sow management and piglet rearing, these systems are productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly. Apart from the high-quality plastic slats, we also offer cast iron slats and heating plates as part of our extensive product range. The flexibility of our modular system allows for any farrowing and rearing pen design.

Pig equipment - penning systems etc. for pig production

Pig equipment

Pig equipment for modern pig rearing and finishing. In addition to optimum feeding systems Big Dutchman is also able to offer you animal-friendly, easy-to-clean penning systems for rearing as well as finishing. Our flexible modular system allows the design of any type of pen, irrespective of the building conditions and house dimensions.

Enhanced welfare products

Enhanced welfare products

Well-proven solutions for modern pig production – piglets, sows and finishing pigs alike – ensure that our livestock is healthy and comfortable. Big Dutchman can provide the required housing equipment as well as enrichment toys and pig feeding systems. Take a look and see for yourself!