Pig feeding systems

Pig equipment: automatic feeders for pig rearing and finishing

Automatic feeders

For a good piglet start, high daily weight gains and easy handling. Big Dutchman offers a wide range of automatic pig feeders for different areas of application, whether for rearing, finishing, group housing or individual feeding.

Pig feeding systems: HYDROMIX liquid feeding

HydroMix liquid feeding system

Modern and economic pig feeding systems for the future. Be it the small or the large version, the name HydroMix not only stands for reliable liquid feeding for all animals, but also for a high-quality system and maximum hygiene. More than 7000 farmers world-wide fully rely on HydroMix.

Cell disruption of maize silage with the PEF system

The PEF (Pulsed Electric Fields) system makes maize silage digestible for pigs. Liquid feed recipes with a silage maize level of up to 15 percent are possible. Feed with high crude fibre contents strengthens the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the amount of antibiotics administered and thus helps keeping finishing pigs healthy.

Level-controlled agitator

This new agitator automatically adjusts its position to the filling level in the liquid feed mixing tank. All feed components are mixed thoroughly and ideally, irrespective of the filling level. This is an important prerequisite for exact metering of the feed at the individual feed valves.

TwinSpin tube system

TwinSpin transports a uniform feed mixture all the way from the mixing tank to the trough. Deposits caused by sedimentation are prevented and the metering precision at each feed valve is improved thanks to a constantly homogeneous feed mixture.

DRY RAPID - pig feeding systems for dry feeding

DryRapid dry feeding system

The dry feeding system for sow management, piglet rearing and finishing. Wherever dry feed – whether meal or pellets – has to be conveyed or dispensed in pig production, DRY RAPID is the ideal pig feeding system – all the way from the silo to the feeding place.

TriSort pro – the automatic sorting scale for pig finishing

TriSort pro pig sorting scale

Always know the exact weight and weight gain in your pig house. Number and weight of ready-to-slaughter pigs are determined accurately. The pigs can be selected without stress shortly before being delivered to the slaughterhouse and precisely match the slaughtering criteria.

Drinking systems for pig production

Drinking systems

Whether in sow management, piglet rearing or finishing: An optimum supply of fresh and clean drinking water to all animals is extremely important. A sufficient quantity of water has to be available, it has to be clean and within easy reach of the animals.

Enhanced welfare products

Enhanced welfare products

Well-proven solutions for modern pig production – piglets, sows and finishing pigs alike – ensure that our livestock is healthy and comfortable. Big Dutchman can provide the required housing equipment as well as enrichment toys and pig feeding systems. Take a look and see for yourself!

Silos, spirals and augers

Silos, spirals and augers

Choose from a wide range of silos made of galvanized sheet steel, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Trevira fabric to store and transport feed. Feed can be transported to feeding systems by augers or spirals without any loss of quality, but depending on the conveying capacity and pitches. Equipment for reliable egg production and pig production!