SUNFarm and POWERBox

Use the power of the sun

Insufficient energy supply and permanently increasing prices for electricity and diesel make an economic operation difficult. These obstacles are no longer insurmountable with our innovative SUNFarm and POWERBox.

CulinaCup & CulinaFlex

Feeding suckling pigs successfully

CulinaCup and CulinaFlex now help you to provide piglets in the farrowing pen with milk replacers and liquid prestarters automatically and continuously.


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In Memoriam

Josef Meerpohl

* 23.1.1932   † 6.3.2017




Current News

"Big Dutchman is committed to bringing the most advanced animal-friendly rearing technology to China."

World Farm Animal Welfare Conference held in China


The new alarm device AC Touch offers different features, which help to ensure the security in a pig barn

Big Dutchman innovations on display at SPACE 2017


Big Dutchman hosts Animal Husbandry Summit in Qingdao, China

New Technology wins the Future!


Big Dutchman attends CAHE 2017 China

Future Concepts for the Chinese Market


Robust DOL 53 sensor permanently measures the ammonia concentration in the house air

Pig climate control: New sensor is a milestone for pig production


Poultry house lighting: Zeus is the first LED lamp to allow replacement of individual parts

The choice is yours!


VIV Asia 2017 | Efficiency and smart farming

Innovative solutions for central topics in pig production


Online survey: Let the EU Commission know what you think!

Public consultation regarding the future of the Common Agricultural Policy


"An important step to further our strategy of becoming the most competitive supplier of turn-key solutions"

Big Dutchman acquires agricultural building business from Betco