We are proud of our customers

From family farms to commercial farms, we supply them all – anywhere in the world. For ten thousands of farmers Big Dutchman is THE supplier for poultry equipment of any kind. And it makes no difference whether the farm is raising ten thousand, twenty thousand, two hundred thousand or two million birds.

To us it is quality that matters, not only quantity. We always have a workable solution for any possible problem. And many of these have been successfully installed already.

Here you will find some concrete examples:

Univent poultry cages for modern poultry production and healthy birds

China: 30 layer and 12 rearing houses equipped by Big Dutchman


Poultry houses equipped with systems well suited for hot climates

Swaziland: Becoming self-supporting with the use of egg production


Israel: Glicksman family increases number of bird places

Aiming high with two remodeled rearing houses


Establishing new production branch with Big Dutchman aviary Natura Step

France: New house for free range egg production with 20,840 layers


“Natura Step ensures high standards of welfare and production”

Massive investment in Scottish barn egg production