Poultry cages

Breeder management with EUROVENT-Parents poultry cages

Eurovent Parents breeder poultry cage

The ventilated poultry cages for layer breeder management are characterised by a low salmonella risk, an optimum bird number and low labour/control requirements and by producing clean hatching eggs. The poultry cage width and therefore the flock size can be specified by the customer.

Layer management in UNIVENT poultry cages

Univent poultry cage

The manure belt battery with wire partitions and collapsible air duct. UNIVENT poultry cages are available for layer management with or without ventilation, from 3 to 10 tiers and with a cage width of 60 cms. This poultry system allows egg production of constantly high quality at a reasonable price.

Layer management in UNIVENT Starter poultry cages

Univent Starter rearing poultry cage

The professional manure belt battery for an optimum start of the day-old chicks and for uniform rearing. This is a decisive feature for later laying performance. Download all information regarding the progressive Big Dutchman rearing concept, the high state of hygiene and the outstanding system quality.

SuperDoubleDeck and SuperTripleDeck poultry cages

SuperDoubleDeck and SuperTripleDeck poultry cages

SuperDoubleDeck and SuperTripleDeck are ideally suited for tropical climates and optimum use of natural ventilation. Depending on the customer’s requests, Big Dutchman offers both systems in different versions and expansion stages.

Collection systems for egg production units

Egg collection systems

Flexible, efficient and gentle on the eggs. Whether the laying hens are kept in enriched colony systems or aviaries – find the right system for every poultry house in this leaflet: Elevators, lifts, Multitier, and elevating, curve and rod conveyors are all available from Big Dutchman. Innovative management systems for egg production, such as the EggCam, are also presented.

Automatic chain feeding

This reliable feeding system has proved itself a million times over. It can be used for any type of poultry production and feeds pullets, layers and breeders alike. With its unique high quality and functionality, the Big Dutchman chain feeder is the world's leading feeding system.

Silos, spirals and augers

Silos, spirals and augers

Choose from a wide range of silos made of galvanized sheet steel, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Trevira fabric to store and transport feed. Feed can be transported to feeding systems by augers or spirals without any loss of quality, but depending on the conveying capacity and pitches. Equipment for reliable egg production and pig production!

Poultry equipment for African markets

Poultry equipment for African markets

Our poultry equipment on offer can be tailored to the specific needs of the various African countries. The scope of services ranges from installations for smallholdings to large, fully integrated operations. To get an overview of our comprehensive portfolio please check here!