Exhaust air treatment

Exhaust air treatment in poultry production: MagixX & StuffNix

MagixX & StuffNix exhaust air treatment systems

Two exhaust air treatment systems for effective reduction of emissions from poultry houses. Nowadays, the approval of new poultry houses increasingly requires the use of exhaust air treatment systems. MagixX-B is the first exhaust air washer in poultry production to meet the strict criteria of the German DLG Signum test!

Exhaust air treatment with MagixX-B tested by the DLG

Exhaust air treatment with MagixX-B tested by the DLG

The Big Dutchman system for exhaust air treatment is the first exhaust air washer for poultry production which fulfils the requirements of the DLG Signum Test for a separation rate of ammonia and dust of at least 70 %.

Earny – innovative heat exchanger by Big Dutchman

Earny heat exchanger

Saves between 35 and 60 % of heating costs, improves the house climate and reduces emissions: approx. 30 % less ammonia, dust and odour emissions per year! In this regard please also refer to the DLG test results.

Earny: DLG test confirmed outstanding heat recovery rate

Earny heat exchanger tested by the DLG

The heat recovery efficiency of the Earny heat exchanger for poultry houses is far above standard. Comprehensive tests under practical conditions in the context of the renowned DLG FokusTest have proven this. For the excellent test results see the test report available for download on the right.