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Aviary systems

Egg production in modern poultry systems: NATURA & Manure pit systems

NATURA aviary with manure pit system (barn egg production, free range egg production)

Are you interested in alternative egg production? We offer an extensive product range which includes feeding and drinking systems and the right laying nest, as well as manure removal solutions in form of manure pit systems, fully slatted floors and NATURA manure belt installations. For small and large operations including barn egg production, free-range production and organic egg production.

 Egg production in NATURA aviary systems

NATURA aviary systems (barn egg production, free range egg production)

The modern poultry systems for barn egg production and free range egg production. With the four different models NATURA-Nova, NATURA-Nova Twin, NATURA-Step and NATURA-Colony we have the appropriate solution for every poultry house, whilst also facilitating economic and simultaneously animal- and user-friendly egg production.

NATURA 60 & 70 aviary systems for efficient alternative egg production

NATURA 60 & 70 aviaries

These modern poultry systems are exceptionally reliable and significantly facilitate layer management. Their innovative design has many advantages. You will find out more in this brochure!



This clever new enrichment option designed for egg production operations is recommended especially for layers with untrimmed beaks. PickPuck makes use of the layers’ natural behaviour of searching for feed and occupies the birds for a long time because it remains permanently interesting. At the same time, the beaks wear down in a natural manner.

Collection systems for egg production units

Egg collection systems

Flexible, efficient and gentle on the eggs. Whether the laying hens are kept in enriched colony systems or aviaries – find the right system for every poultry house in this leaflet: Elevators, lifts, Multitier, and elevating, curve and rod conveyors are all available from Big Dutchman. Innovative management systems for egg production, such as the EggCam, are also presented.

Automatic chain feeding

This reliable feeding system has proved itself a million times over. It can be used for any type of poultry production and feeds pullets, layers and breeders alike. With its unique high quality and functionality, the Big Dutchman chain feeder is the world's leading feeding system.

Weighing systems

Weighing systems

With Big Dutchman poultry scales you are always up-to-date on the weight of your stock! We offer the ideal weighing system, mobile or stationary, for every type of production, be it poultry growing, egg production or breeder management.

Silos, spirals and augers

Silos, spirals and augers

Choose from a wide range of silos made of galvanized sheet steel, glass-fibre reinforced plastic or Trevira fabric to store and transport feed. Feed can be transported to feeding systems by augers or spirals without any loss of quality, but depending on the conveying capacity and pitches. Equipment for reliable egg production and pig production!

FlexVey PUR conveying system

FlexVey PUR conveying system

FlexVey PUR is a new, flexible conveying system for the transport of feed. Complicated mounting around corners is a thing of the past. Thanks to its high resistance to wear and tear, the system's service life is 4 to 5 times longer than that of other systems. An additional advantage is that FlexVey PUR operates very quietly.