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In Memoriam

Josef Meerpohl

* 23.1.1932   † 6.3.2017


Current News

"Big Dutchman is committed to bringing the most advanced animal-friendly rearing technology to China."

World Farm Animal Welfare Conference held in China


SPACE 2017: Welfare innovation “PickPuck” for laying hens impresses experts

Big Dutchman innovation receives a special award


Big Dutchman innovations on display at SPACE 2017

PickPuck awarded two Innov'SPACE innovation stars


Big Dutchman hosts Animal Husbandry Summit in Qingdao, China

New Technology wins the Future!


Big Dutchman attends CAHE 2017 China

Future Concepts for the Chinese Market


Univent poultry cages for modern poultry production and healthy birds

China: 30 layer and 12 rearing houses equipped by Big Dutchman


Study shows: eggs improve malnutrition and prevent stunting

Eggs contribute to growth in young children


Big Dutchman displays greater presence at VIV Asia 2017

VIV Asia 2017 review: Innovative solutions for modern poultry production